European Citizens' Initiative. "Electromagnetic Radiation" / Initiative Citoyenne Européenne “Rayonnements Electromagnetiques” / Iniciativa Ciudadana Europea. “Radiación Electromagnética” / Iniziativa Dei Cittadani Europei “Campi Elettromagnetici” / Ininiciativa de Cidadania Europeia “Radiação Electromagnética”"


We consider it a priority to articulate networks of grassroots social organizations in favour of a precautionary regulation of the EMF exposure, both nationally and on a European level. These networks would be the propagators of the independent scientific warnings to create the space for debate about proposals of protectionist actions as the ones mentioned in the European Manifesto in Support the ECI, for an EMF exposure regulation, which truly protects public health.

The feasibility, efficiency and relevance of launching a European Citizens’ Initiative about a precautionary regulation of the EMF exposure will be explored, in due course. 

Independent from this (launching or not launching a ECI), we request your support for this European Manifesto in favour of the precautionary regulation of the EMF exposure, because also constitutes an direct support for the recommendations and precautionary claims advocated from different domains (scientific-professional, public institutions and civil society) in each country.


- Since the beginning of 2013, several grassroots citizens groups of several countries, with the knowledge of the “International EMF Alliance” (IEMFA), initiate a process for evaluating the feasibility to elaborate an European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI), for implementing the measures proposed in the Resolution 1815 of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) on potential hazards of electromagnetic fields and their effects on the environment (2011).

- Madrid, 29 June 2013: a meeting organized by the Platform the “Plataforma Estatal contra la Contaminación Electromagnética” (PECCEM), and with the support of delegates of several European countries (Belgium, Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, and Sweden). At the meeting, it was adopted the European Manifesto in Support the ECI for an EMF exposure regulation which truly protects public health, on the basis of the main lines of protectionist action provided from scientific, professional, institutional and social spheres.

- Brussels, October 3, 2013. The European Manifesto in Support the ECI is presented in the seat of the European Parliament and discusses the limitations and viabilities of ICE format.
Encuentro Madrid Junio 2013 2

Madrid, 29 June 2013. Adoption of the European Manifesto

Encuentro Madrid Junio 2013 2
European Parliament. 03/10/2013

- Brussels, 12 January, 2016: the debate on an ICE is reactivated at a meeting in the European Parliament, sponsored by the French MEP of the Greens / ALE Michèle Rivasi, which was attended (in person and delegate) representatives of organizations involving in the fight against electromagnetic pollution of 10 European countries, and the presence of Bernardo Hernández Bataller, as a representative of the  specialized section TEN of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC). In a previous meeting European organizations discussed how to lay the groundwork for coordination based on consensus documents such as the European Manifesto to support an ECI. See below photos of both meetings:

Descarga documento Download.Towards an European Citizens’ Initiative

European Manifesto / Manifeste  Européen / Manifiesto Europeo / Manifesto Europeo

European Manifesto

in Support the ECI, for an of EMF exposureregulation , which truly protects public health

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Amongst the signatories to this European Manifesto there are scientists, researchers and experts, as well as professional bodies and associations and representatives of civil society organizations (from health advocates, consumers, neighbours, environmentalists, ecologists, trade unions, parents of students, people with central sensitization syndromes -electro-hypersensitivity, multiple chemical sensitivity, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, etc.-, brain tumour patients, concerned citizens and activists associations working in the field of electromagnetic pollution) coming from 26 countries (Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Macedonia, Netherlands, Panama, Poland, Portugal, UK, Russia, South Africa, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and USA).

Support the European Manifesto!:

Descarga documento Download  the Appeal in favour of the “European Manifesto”

Send us your full name (and professional title, if researchers / scientists / experts), the name of your organization (in the case of representatives of social organizations or professional), your town and country. (European Coordination of organizations for an  EMF exposure regulation, which truly protects public health)

Sends also a copy to the email of the European coordinator in your country: Belgium (, France ( and, Germany ( and, Holland (, Ireland (, Italy ( and, Poland (, Portugal (,  Spain (, Sweden (, UK (,

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